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Can I Afford a Granite Countertop in Daytona Beach, Florida?

October 13, 2016

Quartz Countertop and Granite Countertop in Daytona Beach You are remodeling that great house in Daytona Beach, Florida, elsewhere in Florida, or truly wherever you are and the subject of granite countertops comes up. You start wondering about the costs involved and how it compares with other materials such as engineered stone like Silestone and DuPont Zodiaq? Let's take a look now at some kitchen countertops and compare the granite pricing to other different materials.

Granite Countertops in Daytona Beach, Florida vs. Laminate

Considerably less than the price of other countertops materials are laminate countertops like Nevamar, Wilsonart and Formica. Between $15-$60 per linear foot installed is the cost of laminate surfaces. This means spending between $450-$1,800 for an average kitchen of roughly 30 linear feet of countertops. On the other hand, the granite countertops will start at $30 per square foot. The difference appears significant but let's look at the products involved and check their practical value. You will be getting the information that you can get at countertops dealers in Daytona Beach, Florida, throughout Florida and wherever it might be that you live!

Eventually you will need to replace laminate countertops. They are not scratch or heat resistant. Over time, they have a tendency to peel and warp as they start out being glued on particle board. Laminate is truly not a long term investment and is geared for the short term. On the other hand, granite countertops are designed to never need replacing. They are heat, stain and scratch resistant. Even under constant use it will keep it's luster when properly taken care of. Bottom line here is that if you are interested in maintaining the beauty and value of your Daytona Beach, Florida or Florida anywhere home, granite is the best investment to be made.

Granite Countertops vs. Engineered Stone in Daytona Beach, Florida

Newer materials on the market today are engineered stone like Silestone, Cambria Quartz and DuPont Zodiaq. These can be found in dealers in Daytona Beach, Florida, other Florida locations and elsewhere. Engineered stone is durable and strong and is made mostly of quartz. You may ask if this is a less expensive way to get the natural stone look and durability and the answer is not necessarily. The truth is that the cost is around $50-$90 per square foot for both engineered stone and granite. With this being the case, when you can have the real thing, why select a man-made stone? The truth is you are not going to save money with man-made alternatives if you want the luxury and quality of granite countertops!

Granite Countertops vs. Concrete and Stainless Steel in Daytona Beach, Florida

With trendier materials such as stainless steel and concrete, how do granite countertops compare? The cost for both these other materials runs about $100 per sq ft. Of course, stainless steel is well known for it's bacteria resistance and durability. Concrete on the other hand needs constant sealing, easily absorbs stains and is notoriously porous. In modern kitchens, both are commonly seen but their popularity may not last forever. Granite will cost less and many years from now will still be fashionable.

Granite - Can You Afford It?

The fact is that you probably realize now that granite countertops may be more in line with what you can afford then you originally thought. When you take in it's value and quality, the truth is it can now be seen as cost-effective. Once again, a visit to the supplier in Daytona Beach, Florida, elsewhere in Florida and wherever else you may be is an effort worth your time to see the many attractive choices offered!

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